OMOTARA JOHNSON 2 – Yoruba Nollywood Movie

This is a free film very interesting film to come online and here its is brought to by OKIN PARTNERS. Cast:- BUKKY WRIGHT – CHIDI MOKEME – FEMI BRAINARD – TOYIN ALAUSA and many more…. Please subscribe to our channel….bought to you by OKIN PARTNERS
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 Responses to OMOTARA JOHNSON 2 – Yoruba Nollywood Movie

  1. Sirkay2011 says:

    influencial…multiple murderer getting a state pardon, how come? i thought she should be facing death penalty. well it can only happened in naija sha. there’s no rule of law except divide and rule. o ga o. so the lifes of those she killed…doesn’t count! na waa o.

  2. google01100 says:

    Interestin movie

  3. TheOkinTv says:

    Thank for watching.

  4. TheOkinTv says:

    coming soon. Thank

  5. TheOkinTv says:

    part 3 is on the way. Thank

  6. TheOkinTv says:

    Thank for watching and your comment,part 3 is coming soon. keep watching TheOkinTv.

  7. mayusclevergy1 says:

    i so much gbadun dis movie…… i love watching it everyday….. kudos to bukky wright. pls upload the 3rd part…USA

  8. xxxxx7004 says:

    yes pls we want the continuation of the film for ever.

  9. Mista Man says:


  10. bisolu says:

    Abeg wheres part 3 eh jo?

  11. thebossforlifeishere says:

    Mama; So pe Pau! mo ni o pe Pau!
    Oj: Pauuuu (sobbing)
    Mama: o ta fun o, nii je be


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