My Sister’s Honour – Ghanian Movie

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

40 Responses to My Sister’s Honour – Ghanian Movie

  1. Niecey hampton says:

    I love Jackie n the movie. She is a good action I love all the movie she
    play n 

  2. Wendy Lovejoy says:

    Pretty good

  3. diana nakisitu says:

    The best thing you did is to bring me my best actress selassie ibrahim

  4. Gyimaa Amoako says:

    I like it

  5. ıman lbrahım says:

    9ce movie

  6. VICKY BUDHWAR says:


  7. Curtis Opoku Kokofu says:

    the movie is actually informative

  8. pamdfos says:

    Is this actor wearing contacts? I have never seen a person’s iris that

  9. julliett says:

    So great actress..Jackie is the best

  10. Jacqueline Princess says:

    Wen it will b out the second part.

  11. ronoh bonny says:


  12. Tawanda Njunga says:

    Nollywood most of us we dont injoy thise city movies, come on guys bring
    back more of village movies

  13. Tawanda Njunga says:

    Rubish movie

  14. Divine Fortunes says:


  15. tand race says:

    King’s Heart

    Just watched “Kings Heart” which has two parts in addition to the sequel-
    part 1 and part 2. So there’s like 4 videos to watch. Actually, as I post
    I’m now on the sequel. I think overall it’s going to end up being a really
    great choice. It’s more of a royalty/tribal movie, like a village scene.

    The only thing I’d like to have seen in this movie, were the ladies
    portraying natural, curly or kinky hair rather than perms. I just don’t
    think village/tribal people were into the perm thing; Correct me if I’m
    wrong. Other than that very trivial “peeve”…I’m loving this movie due to
    the message it conveys.

  16. Mi Du says:

    can someone tell me the name of the song at the beginning of this film?

  17. tahia Twaha says:

    awsme movie

  18. Nqobilé Weazy says:

    my favorite african movie for all time

  19. Danielle Deschamps says:


  20. love says:

    i love the movie.

  21. Sokhna Mbaye says:

    The twin are cute

  22. Sokhna Mbaye says:

    The twin are cute

  23. Nnenna Nwakanma says:
  24. NAA MULTI says:

    goog acting Kalsum

  25. Nollywood5star says:

    Truly! That’s a good one you know. Keep on watching and have a beautiful
    day ahead of you. Thanks for being in the house

  26. mabel owusu says:

    u sure cos sam African Americans are actually racist against Africans

  27. Tamara Taylor says:

    what is the kings name

  28. Nollywood5star says:

    You can check out your connectivity



  30. Nollywood5star says:


  31. Nollywood5star says:

    Thanks dear for all.

  32. Nollywood5star says:

    Glad you love it and many thanks for watching

  33. Sam willie says:

    what seal the deal for me to watch this was seeing Mercy Johnson name!!

  34. odilia nuh says:

    i love this story

  35. julissa smith says:

    but shes beautiful with it..

  36. chocolate 784 says:

    love this movie

  37. Christine Balogun says:

    I hope in part 2 the slave will be the queen

  38. Nollywood5star says:

    let’s watch and see.

  39. Nollywood5star says:

    Thanks dear!! you have more of all these in our channel, just go for them,
    also you should subscribe so that notifications will be sent to you
    concerning our uploads.

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