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The Rural Women Solar Engineers of Africa-Latest

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The gods control the occasions of lifetime. Yemoja, water goddess, determines the throne inside Ilu Aje. The gods are to not blame inside their dictatorship. This really is theater at its right.
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The Deceiver

Another Classic part featuring Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G whom plays the part of Ezugo: Ezugo succeeds inside planting the source of detest inside the heart of her daughter Sandra (Chidi Ihezie) against Patrick (Clem Ohameze). Soon she begins to regret the result of her actions

Dinosaur Project is a team of explorers looking for a Loch Ness kind monster inside the African Jungle. Whenever their helicopter is brought down with a flock of prehistoric birds they discover unusual creatures along with a civilization when thought extinct for millions of years!

The Amazing Grace

Inspired by the timeless hymn from that it takes its quickly recognizable name, director Jeta Amata’s epic drama informs the great story of John Newton, a British slave trader whom was moved to pen among the world’s known religious tunes following traveling to Nigeria inside 1748. The time was the 18th Century, plus slave trading was at an all time excellent. John Newton had lately taken over because the captain of The Greyhound, plus was generating his method towards the Nigerian port of Calabar. A once-righteous guy whom had turned his back about religion following becoming caught up inside the profitable slave trade, Newton was today course inside way, plus ruthless inside trade. However Newton’s barbarous techniques might shortly return to haunt him, nonetheless, whenever following burning down a Nigerian town plus rounding up his newest “cargo,” his ship is almost ruined – plus his lifetime almost lost – inside a very violent storm at sea. The just cause his existence was spared, reported Newton, was due to the elegance of God. Oddly enough, it wasn’t this close brush with death which motivated Newton to abandon the slave trade, however a great show of compassion from among the slaves he had thus callously dismissed because sub-human inside the past. Subsequently devoting his whole existence to religion, Newton recalls the melody of the conventional African track he had heard whilst back inside Calabar, folds inside his own lyrics, plus creates the most well-known religious hymns ever penned.

Kadiri (Clem Ohameze) plus Ossy (Ini Edo) love every alternative thus much which they create begin generating plans about getting married nevertheless their tribal plus religious difference appear to function as the bone of contention for both of their parents. Clem Ohameze, Ini Edo, Olu Jacobs ini edo,olu jacobs,realnollymovies,nigeria,realnollywoodclips,nollywood”nigerian movies”2010″ “newest nollywood films”,realnollywoodclips, “films nigeria” “nollywood

Dust And Ashes 2

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NAIJA STATE OF MIND (DaGrin ft. Naija Boyz)

NAIJA STATE OF MIND (DaGrin ft. Naija Boyz)

REGULAR ENGLISH LYRICS: We are youngsters of Nigeria, Born inside Nigeria However you are Naija Boyz that reside inside the US YESSIO! Ha however, should you ask me We haven’t changed, you continue to be the same, We are too cool ;) FILE! We nevertheless have the same Naija Swagger Even Mommy claims “Don’t behave like a Thug… …If I provide we a knock about the head… What’s all which trash speak …America my foot” Ha, Naija Mom, we don’t wish To receive her mad Even should you call the authorities, You’re nonetheless gonna receive which whipping The form of whipping several worry She usually remind we the cause you came here Great chance, School plus Jobs Then we’ve finally prepared it I’m telling we…White folks might understand you are superior not bad Not which foolish boy Mutallab He wasn’t trained inside Nigeria, what type of nonsense is the fact that Why might you wish To die, you like enjoyment too much Yeah effectively, that’s the issue with the folks That form of life-style is the root of all wicked Like Terrorism…and which Booty Yep that’s a crime that’s because bad because Yahooze! What?!…the real crime you do friend Is talking inside fake American accents Not the usual type We overlook which We’re speaking regarding the accents several women overdo As though they are much better than we…fake females Man you may be Nigerian, what the hec is Yelz However you are not embarrassed, you are too proud Even inside America, you are outspoken Bro, you look past the strife And you Rep Nigeria for Life Our voices resound like Pon pon pon pon pon pon pon (x7) YORUBA/PIGEON ENGLISH LYRICS: Omo Naija ni wa Naija no
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Deva Shapath Khot Saangen Khar Sanganar Nahi

Deva Shapath Khot Saangen Khar Sanganar Nahi

Chandu an unemployed stage actor lies to his beloved to be a MBA student functioning inside a big multinational organization. Under instructions from his coach he gets a job because a Sales Manager by falsely representing himself because a son of the wealthy family staying inside South Africa, today about a brief see to India. Hilarious conditions happen whenever his boss makes a point to satisfy his parents.

Boys From Holland 2

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Holy Violence 1

When a guy sells his soul to the devil plus becomes a devil incarnate, therefore striving to persecute the church of God. It’s today a severe battle amongst the church of God as well as the devil. Amachi Muonagor, Muna Obiekwe, Nkiru Sylvanus, Sola Sobowale, 2009. “clem ohamaeze”,clem,amaechi muonagor,amaechi,”shola shobowale”,shola,”nkiru sylvanus”,nkiru,”muna obiekwe”,muna,nollywood,nollywood films,nigeria films,realnollymovies,nigeria,realnollywoodclips,nollywood”nigerian movies”2010″ 2000″,1990,latest nollywood films”,realnollywoodclips, “nollywood Bollywood ghallywood “newest nollywoodfilms” naijamovies comedymovies actionmovies nigeriaartists “newest english movies” “english naija films” “nollywoodmovies nigerian films”
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Tonto Dike And Chidi Mokeme Caught Smooching.

FREE NOLLYWOOD MOVIES: Watch free nollywood films inside English plus Yoruba A prince (Chidi Mokeme) sets out looking for his elder brother to achieve the throne that is going to slip off their family. During his look, he finds love nevertheless the prince has only 1 choice to create involving the throne plus marrying his true love whom is an outcast. Never Love A Prince is an psychological story of love, betrayal plus trust. For More Movies, Visit Our Website about

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