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Learn To Draw Disney Characters

Learn To Draw Disney Characters

Disney characters are the most popular cartoon characters all over the world. Men, women and children alike all love them. From movies to other collectibles, these characters have become a staple in society and would still continue to do so for the future generation.

The best thing about these characters is that they are easy to draw. In fact, even children could draw them. From the world famous Mouse to the inter-galactic famous Stitch, name it and you can draw it! Although by watching them on television, you may think that they are complicated to draw, do not be discouraged. If you really want to learn to draw Disney characters, a little practice and love for your character is all you need! Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of their animators someday?


You would need a couple of materials before you start. Get a pencil, eraser and a set of coloring materials. It depends on your preference on whether you would want to use markers, crayons or colored pencils. Pick out a character and have a picture of him or her ready with you too. It is possible for you to learn all the characters. However, it is best that you concentrate first with just one, since you are still at the beginning stage. Once you’ve found a picture that is not too small and not too big to work with, then you can start drawing.

Plan And Map

First, you should plan and map the features of your character. Based on the picture you have, try to locate the basic shapes of your character’s body features. Start by drawing ovals which are relative the basic shape and size of its body, head, and limbs. It highly depends on what you character would be doing. Based on this, position the ovals to where you want the body parts of your character to be. It’s advised that you start out with the head.

Starting With The Facial Features

Start placing outlines of the different facial features. Make sure they are in the correct proportion. Generally, Disney characters have almond- or oval-shaped eyes. Make sure that you get the right shape of the basic features, since these are the most important. This would include: eyes, nose and mouth. Try not to put too much detail yet.

Shape The Body

Start drawing the body. Make sure that you use rounded lines. Generally, if your character is female, you should draw the upper chest and hips larger and rounder compared to the waist. If it’s a male, the shoulders are the most prominent. So, draw them to be the largest.

Add On Limbs And Hands

For the arms and legs, draw them by creating oval shapes. Do this for both upper and lower extremities. For the knee, draw a circle in between the ovals of the upper and lower leg. Connect all these simple shapes using rounded lines.

Draw the hands. Create a rounded square that has three ovals on top, with 2 connected ovals at the side to stand as the thumb. Draw the feet by creating a basic shape for a shoe. You can also be creative and make him/her barefooted. Connect all the ovals by the use of rounded lines. Smoothen the outline and erase unnecessary parts.

Color It!

Use your coloring materials and color your drawing. Look at the picture for color reference.

Walt Disney: A Short Bio

Walt Disney: A Short Bio

Born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to parents Elias Disney and mother Flora Call Disney Walter E. Disney was the best thing that happened to show business in the last century. Walt’s family moved to Marceline, Missouri after his birth where he was brought up in a farm. Drawing caught his imagination ever since he was seven years old and he sold his sketches to his neighbors. Family moved to Chicago again where Disney concentrated both on Drawing and Photography in his high school. He also attended the Academy of Fine Arts at night.

Walt was also attracted to the beauty of nature as he grew up and he began to love and appreciate it. Though his father was particularly opposed to his plans her mother and elder brother Roy encouraged him to pursue his dreams. Disney even tried to get into military service but was rejected because he was only 16 years of age and thus was underage to join military. But he joined Red Cross where he was sent to France and he spent a year there driving ambulance.

After returning from France he pursued a career in commercial art and even started a small company called Laugh-O-Grams which went bankrupt soon. This prompted him to go to Hollywood. It is said he had only one suitcase and with him when he went to Hollywood. His elder brother Roy was living in California, he pooled in 0 and they borrowed another 0 and constructed a camera stand. It didn’t take a long wait before they received an order from New York to make the first Alice Comedy and they started producing cartoons in the rear of a real estate office in Hollywood. After successfully making Alice Comedies Walt became a famous figure in Hollywood.

Walt married one of his employees Lillian Bounds and they had two daughters. The cartoon film Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 and his talents were exposed to the world in a silent cartoon called Plane Crazy. The year coincided with the introduction of sound in movies just before the release of the cartoon. The cartoon character Mickey made its screen debut in Steamboat Willie which was the world’s first fully synchronized sound cartoon. The cartoon premiered at the Colony Theater in New York on Nov. 18, 1928.

Walt was never content with his work and his quest for excellence made him introduce Technicolor in cartoons in 1932. He used multiplane camera technique in 1937. On December 21, 1937 Walt released the first full length animated musical film called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” made at a whopping cost of .5 million. The animated film is still regarded as one of the rare feats of the motion picture industry.

Walt had a studio in Burbank constructed which was ready in 1940 and the employee count went up to 1,000 which comprised of artists, animators, story men and technicians. Disney used combine live action with the cartoon medium in 1945 in the musical “The Three Caballeros”. Walt went to make many award winning cartoon films such as “True Life Adventure” series, “The Living Desert” and many more. Disneyland was launched in 1955 with a capital of million and the investment increased by 10 fold within a few years. Walt turned to social causes in 1965 and directed a film on Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow to improve the quality of urban life in America. But Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 leaving many achievements and unfulfilled dreams behind him.

Walt Disney envisioned and had directed to purchase about forty three square miles of land, double the size of Manhattan Island in central Florida. It took about fifty months to complete the planning and construction of the Walt Disney World which was eventually opened to public on October 1, 1971. Walk Disney was truly a pioneer and visionary of many modern days’ technologies. No wonder why he has received more than 950 honors and 48 Oscar awards and 7 Emmy awards. Truly this man stands out for his outstanding contribution to the improvement of art of cartoon making.


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Disney Cruises: Taking Your Kids on a Vacation

Disney Cruises: Taking Your Kids on a Vacation

Have you ever wanted to take your kids on a vacation but is unable to find a place or a kind of activity that would suit their needs?

Having a vacation on a cruise ship will provide your family all the fun and excitement you need on a vacation. You will enjoy every activity that cruise offers and cruises also consider their younger guests onboard.

They have programs and activities exclusively for kids. Some cruise lines provide entertainment for kids of all ages. They have programs and activities like, coloring, face painting, story telling, playtime for toddlers and other kids.

They also have activities that are suitable for older kids, like video games, arcades, parties and more.

Booking in floating resorts are one of the best ways to get your kids to have fun on their summer vacation. You might have noticed that kids get bored easily doing the same activity everyday on their vacation.
Kids are very active and boredom will only get them restless and will start to explore. If you took your kids to Disneyland before, then you have an idea of what kids want.

Walt Disney Company offers cruises for the whole family to enjoy. The Disney Cruise Lines has two cruise ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder.

Both of these cruise ships have most of the amenities and services found in other cruise lines except that it has no casinos. It is designed to be friendly for the whole family.

Both ships look identical with their designs, but it has a few differences in entertainment venues and restaurants.

Both the cruise ship’s design has designated areas specifically for various age groups. It has areas for toddlers, young children, teens and adults to ensure maximum enjoyment for the whole family.

The Disney Cruise Lines are the first in the industry to build a ship from the keel up exclusively for family entertainment. These family cruise liners have a goal of accommodating both adults and kids.

Both family cruises depart from Port Canaveral, Florida in the Disney’s Art Deco terminal. They have different packages that offer a stay at Walt Disney World Resort before and after the cruise.

There are so many reasons why you should take your family on a cruise with the Disney Cruise Lines. Here are some of them:

• They can play with their favorite Disney cartoon character
• It has great kids programs
• It has areas specifically built for kids and teens
• There is a variety of entertainment every single night
• The flexibility of the package can combine theme park packages and Disney cruises.

However, you should not expect that the ship would look like Toontown. The interior will look classy with the Mickey Mouse character can be found all over the place.

The food in Disney Cruise Lines, as with any other cruise liners, is superb. They have menus ranging from formal to casual dining. Here are some of the restaurants available in the Disney Wonder:

• Palo Restaurant – It is an adults-only restaurant, which serves first class cuisines from North Italy.

• Animators Palate – This restaurant has black and white decorations and paints. The cartoons on the wall will eventually become colorful.

• Ice cream stations – Kids and adults alike can grab a scoop of ice cream.

• Casual Buffets – This is perfect for family that would want to have quick meals.

Like an all-inclusive resort, kids can get food and drinks all day long free. However, sodas are not included. Kids can have their occasionally soda if you buy a soda package.

There are many facilities and programs in Disney Cruise Lines where you and your family can enjoy. They have pools for adults, for the whole family, and even an exclusive swimming pool for kids. They also have movies that you can enjoy watching while you are in the pool.

The programs for kids are endless. Your kids will be amazed on what they will find on every corner of the Disney Cruise ships. Here are some examples of activities for kids of specific age:

• Oceaneer Club – This activity is for kids aged 3-7 years old. They can dress up as a pirate or a brave captain and play with cartoon characters of Disney that will visit.

• Teens-only Getaway – This room has many activities that teens will enjoy. It has a lounge area, internet connection, DVD’s, games, and more. Teens can also take up special programs like photography or videography.

• Castaway Cay – Teens can go on an adventure with biking, kayaking, and snorkeling. You should sign up fast for this activity for it sells fast.

You can enjoy more entertainments with your family in Disney Cruise Lines. It has theaters that can accommodate more than 900 people and more.

Consider booking in Disney Cruise Lines when you are planning to spend your vacation with your family.

Purchasing an admission to ‘Disney on Ice’ through a broker

Buying a violation to ‘Disney on Ice’ through a brokerage

It makes for great family members enjoyable and it also provides an amiable atmosphere for both young ones and moms and dads. The Disney on Ice activities showcase lots of Disney’s best numbers, from Mickey Mouse to Cinderella, and you may view because they skate across the ice arena through brilliant lights and uplifting songs. Disney on Ice has been a staple attraction for several years plus they are recognized for gaining fascinating stories about the central themes your Disney flicks are notable for. From Aladdin into Lion King, Disney on Ice performs into the delight of the group while the happy squeals of the children. However, since the occasion is these types of a well known overall performance, tickets quite often sell out…even if you can find over 10,000 per showing.

There clearly was a secure, convenient option to get front row passes though and it also doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. it is labeled as a ticket broker. Violation brokers usually have dozens of tickets into the Disney on Ice activities and are since varied as forward row to bleacher seats. Agents often sell Disney on Ice passes in teams because people are the biggest demographic of spectators. If you should be concerned about getting five or six tickets to the next Disney on Ice performance while want them in the same area only let your broker understand and they’ll manage it. The reason why choose a ticket agent over the regular violation workplace? Ticket brokers provide you with the mobility and freedom of picking where you wish to remain, exactly how many passes you prefer and just how late you buy all of them. That’s right, you don’t need to commit yourself to front line seats months before actual overall performance. It is possible to contact your broker simply per week or two prior to the show begins and you may remain capable of getting prime ticket choices.

What exactly are a few of the more popular Disney on Ice activities? Some performances have gained appeal recently and tickets in their mind have been even harder for a hold of. Many of these shows include: Finding Nemo, Cinderella and Beauty plus the Beast.

What’s the easiest way purchasing Disney on Ice seats through a brokerage? The online world is the easiest and best solution to buy overall performance seats through a broker since you can frequently have the best deals on the web and you will generally get a far better concept of for which you will in truth be sitting during the overall performance. Most brokers keep detailed designs of this Disney on Ice arena’s while having plainly noticeable chair parts so buyers can see where each seat is before clicking “Purchase.” It will help get rid of any discrepancies once you attend a performance and you will see no unexpected situations in regards to what seat is yours.

Whether you want your kids to stay at the start or whether you are only happy to get a few seats toward performance, Disney on Ice provides outstanding family members adventure for almost any family members outing.

Disney film musical theatre audition tunes?

Question by ME: Disney film musical theatre audition tunes?
I’m auditioning for The Little Mermaid however, I don’t recognize what track to sing. I’d absolutely like to follow tunes from Disney films.
I can’t do any tunes really from Little Mermaid, thus please don’t state any from which 1.

Thank we thus much!!! :)
I like the “real” tunes (like The Circle of Life) nevertheless I’d like certain tunes within the film like “I Can’t Wait to be King” or anything. :)
Thanks! :)
btw they don’t all need to be Lion King tunes those were only suggestions. ;)

Best answer:

Answer by Chloe
Well the many effective tunes from Disney are:

The Circle of Life- Lion King
Colors of the wind- Pocahontas
Tale because aged because time (Beauty as well as the Beast) – Beauty as well as the Beast
Just about the river bend- Pocahontas
You’ll be inside my heart- Tarzan
Consistently allow a concience be a guide- Pinnochio
A entire modern world- Aladdin
And which track Mulan sings whenever she would like to be a warrior- Mulan

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no superior disney videos?

Question by crystal: no superior disney videos?
have we observed therwe hasent been a superior disney film lately
disney films were golden inside the 90′s today there inside a stump i hope they could introduce certain superior animation or films inside the future
though im loking foward to the indiana jones 4
im mean film like lion king, small mermaid, beauty as well as the beast those were terrific

Best answer:

Answer by ed c
Have they ever produced a really fantastic film?

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Can simple universities charge income to observe a disney film. They called it Family Night.?

Question by kric82: Can simple universities charge funds to observe a disney film. They called it Family Night.?
It was organized by the Parent Teacher Organization to raise cash for this group. Is which acceptable. That’s like copyright. I didn’t think we may charge to observe a disney film at school function.

Best answer:

Answer by Candi
ya they can:]

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Disney film regarding a mother whom has several births?

Question by kadjfajlfs: Disney film regarding a mother that has several births?
I’m very sure its a disney film, a teenage girl, perhaps 14 was an just child plus her mother becomes expectant plus ends up providing birth to like 4 or 5 kids, what film name is this?

Best answer:

Answer by ®.L00KISHHSYDNEY!
Its called quints.

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Q&A: Is there a Disney film that’s being turned into a tv series?

Question by polo you: Is there a Disney film that’s being turned into a tv series?
i think i heard anything regarding this about Tumblr a couple days ago, nevertheless i don’t remember what film or when it was even a disney film. i recognize which Napolean Dynamite has been turned into a series… however i can’t remember the additional.

Best answer:

Answer by I Like Dreamin’
Kung Fu Panda

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Get we ever fallen inside love like a disney film?

Question by peace*love*dance: Get we ever fallen inside love like a disney film?
Has anybody really felt like a princess inside a disney film with a prince charming or is it all a bunch of lies???

Best answer:

Answer by aj<3
i think i’m inside loveeee!!!!!!!!

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