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Authors: Do You Have A Web Site To Promote Your Book?

Authors: Do You Have A Web Site To Promote Your Book?

I was browsing online the other day and discovered the news about a first time novelist who had recently published a book telling the story of an African tribe suffering the loss of land and identity. Her story is based on her true-life experiences and research. She’s even donating a portion of the book’s profits to a charity that helps the displaced people. Her whole story sounded intriguing. However, when I looked for her web site–I couldn’t find it.

What a shame, I thought.

While her book is featured on Amazon.com and other online bookseller sites, and there’s a couple of press releases announcing her book signings, there is no obvious web presence for this wonderful book and its author. My immediate thought was that she was leaving book awareness and sales on the table.

Maybe she feels she doesn’t need a web site because she has the charity and her publisher assisting with publicity, or because there is some expressed interest in movie rights. Even so, I feel that a simple web site featuring her telling her story of how she researched and wrote her book, with photos of her on location, would do wonders for her novel.

In today’s fast-paced world, where attention spans can last a nanosecond, an author can’t afford NOT to have a web site. Even if people aren’t lining up to buy your book today, they can visit your web site and browse. If they like your site, there’s a good chance they’ll be back in the future, or tell friends about it. I think this point is especially true for us first-time novelists. In my opinion, a fiction novel is the hardest type of book to promote and sell online or offline. There are literally thousands of fiction novels published each year, due to how easy it is to get a POD published book on the market.

Authors have tons of competition to get noticed. While the amount of readers are declining, the amount of books being published is going up. New authors have to compete with each other, as well as, established authors, movies, TV, blogs, video games, and other entertainment offerings. From a reader’s perspective, why should they read your book over someone else’s?

Your web site gives you a fighting chance to capture someone’s attention and introduce them to you and your brand of storytelling. Plus, you have the creative freedom to make your site look however you wish. It’s all about colors, graphics and words—especially words.




Because most authors have to do their own promotion, your web site is your own personal promotion booth sitting amidst a vast sea of similar booths inside a virtual flea market. Remember, people are online 24-7 looking up information on all sorts of things.

While you’re sleeping, someone could be visiting your web site.

While you’re out shopping, someone could be visiting your web site.

While you’re busy at work, someone could be visiting your web site.

Of course, if you don’t have a web site promoting your book, then potential readers will just have to wait until they stumble across your book while reading about your book signing somewhere, or maybe browsing the online bookstores, or maybe hearing about your book from a friend of a friend . . . you get the idea.

Why leave it up to chance?

Web sites are easy to get up and running these days, so there’s no excuse not to have at least a page featuring your book. Believe me, people will be looking for it, and if you don’t have a web presence, they’ll move on to the next author that does.

Free Zone Launches a New Promotional Site, Theipoddeal.com

Free Zone Launches a New Promotional Site, Theipoddeal.com

On Monday, October 1st Freezone launches another promotion geared towards iPod Lovers – www.theipoddeal.com. This site offers brand new Apple iPods to participants in its promotional program. It’s simple and easy. There are over 300 sponsors in the promotion ranging from free trials to online services. Sponsors even cover shipping and handling charges for the products.

This site is similar to those reviewed on CNN.com and Engadget except that instead of having to convince friends to join in order to get a free ipod, www.theipoddeal.com is completely a “do it yourself” promotion. Participants can do so at their leisure, returning at their own discretion. Because the offers are so accessible and common (unlike sites that make you sign up for more daunting tasks) participants have a much easier time completing the program quickly.

Participants can choose from between the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and the new iPod Touch. At around 0.00 the iPod touch features a 8-16GB memory for storing videos, data, and of course, music. It has WiFi and music downloading capabilities, a large 3.5” diagonal screen to provide a much easier video viewing experience, and cutting edge interface. The iPod Nano features 4-8 GB of memory, and 2” (diagonal) color screen for viewing photos and videos. The iPod Classic towers over the others in memory with either 80 or160GB of storage making it practically an external hard drive. With a smaller screen around 2.5” (diagonal) it’s not quite the luxury mini movie player of its younger cousin the iPod Touch, but certainly a respectable multi-media playing machine.

Free Zone has not announced how long theipoddeal.com promotion will continue, however, with hundreds of sponsors “joining” in the program each month; it’s definitely a great way to get one of these in time for Christmas.

For more information and details on theipoddeal.com promotion, go to www.theipoddeal.com.

Optimize Your Site And Acquire The Outcomes You Prefer

Optimize Your Internet Site And Obtain The Outcome You Need

Seo (otherwise referred to as Search Engine Optimization) is a process that requires improving the order of a site searching motors. Folks desire their particular company in the future up at the beginning of a search result record, so that they are certain to get even more visitors, and ideally even more consumers. Here are a few ideas to improve your Search Engine Optimization.

Connect exchanges usually are ineffective. However, instead of website link exchanges, you should attempt article exchanges. They’re comparable but a whole lot more helpful. In the event that you publish another person’s article, and link it back into their site, as well as in return they will publish one of your articles and website link it back once again to your site. Both of you get top-notch content and links.

Make sure you offer a website chart on the site. This makes it much easier for search-engines to ascertain everything you have to give you, plus it makes it much simpler for individuals to get what they are looking for. This bring twofold advantageous assets to your website while you rise browsing engine positioning and produce much more happy clients.

Join social media marketing today to be certain to have loads of traffic proceeding to your site. Everyone appears to invest their resides on Twitter or Twitter, so you want to get an item of that cake. Subscribe and spend time chatting with your readers and you’ll find are going to wanting to click on through to your internet website.

You are able to enhance your content by placing a limit in the range outgoing backlinks that stem through the website itself. Even the biggest web page in your site need to have only 40 to 50 outgoing backlinks; your top web page should be restricted to only 10 outgoing links. Way too many outbound backlinks compromises the general stability of the page, that could impact site ranking.

Find another person which in the same business as you and trade links. Offer to place their particular links regarding straight back web page of one’s publication as long as these are typically prepared to perform some same for your needs. This would bring more visitors to both websites without financial investment or risk included.

A powerful way to add a keyword two times in a subject tag is by using one in single kind when using the 2nd iteration in plural kind. This provides your subject tags with appropriate search term density without risking being penalized for repeating key words within the subject tag.

When you post articles on article submission sites as a Search Engine Optimization training, remember that the article presents both you and your company. Your name’s on article, and you are clearly hoping the article will encourage individuals check out your page and do business with you. For this reason, you need to attempt to make sure your articles tend to be well-written and contain interesting, relevant content.

You have got learned the actual definition of seo, alongside some tips to truly get you begun enhancing your SEO. You need to view your business to find out best key term to utilize, and exactly how to make sure your online business is observed browsing motors.

Ways To Start Optimizing Your Site These Days (2)

How You Can Start Optimizing Your Website Today

Search engine optimization is among the hottest trends in marketplace internet sites to enhance their popularity and positions on the net. Keyword phrases assist to allow sites to entice prospective customers. The competition for search engine rank is extremely brutal so sites should be intense in their advertising and marketing attempts. This informative article makes it possible to to comprehend the techniques employed by many marketers these days.

While using search engine marketing practices in your site directly is essential and required, it’s far more important that you have actually a very good SEO method about various other web sites connecting to you personally. Which means you have to market your internet site through social media marketing web pages such as Twitter and Facebook, and in addition get well-known web pages to url to you. A great way to get webmasters to url to your internet site should provide to link to theirs from yours.

Do your homework in the search-engine crawlers. Many search-engines make use of different methods and qualifications with their rankings, but mostly utilize the same sort of crawler. Have a look at the sorts of crawlers they use, whatever they can and cannot see, and just how you can make use of these for the best.

If you are trying to enhance your site when it comes to search-engines, do not ignore regional key words including the name of one’s city or street. Lots of people include these terms when they are seeking organizations near them, so you may wind up recording increased traffic than you would have otherwise.

It is possible to optimize your articles by placing a limitation on the amount of outbound backlinks that stem from the web site itself. Even the biggest page in your website need only 40 to 50 outgoing links; your top web page should always be limited by only 10 outgoing links. A lot of outgoing backlinks compromises the entire stability associated with the page, that could affect site ranking.

Use a link wheel if you want, but be cautious. Connect wheels let your site to achieve numerous links to it, rapidly upping your ratings. But you need to be careful to not have your website grow too quickly, because search-engines understand this plan and may even blacklist you should they think you are carrying out it.

When it comes to search engine marketing, you should avoid Flash in your web page design. Even though it could make your internet site more interesting by providing pretty pictures and eyecatching activity, search engine spiders cannot read Flash content. As a result, when you have Flash in your website it usually will not be indexed really on the internet. By sticking with standard photos and text rather, you stand a much better possibility of getting your web site detailed close to the the surface of the outcomes for your keywords.

As talked about earlier in the day into the article, one of many hottest trends in the competitive internet marketplace, is the use of keywords, when it comes to search-engines. Typical marketing and advertising techniques cannot work for cyberspace. By understanding how this works and what it indicates for your requirements, you can easily stay competitive on the web company arena.

Build A Site That Follows Easy SEO Tips (3)

Build A Site That Follows Easy SEO Guidelines

We can conveniently take which individual website or website which you’re goofing about about and begin to create certain severe funds from it. To do this, yet, you ought to figure out how to optimize website thus which look motors can discover we. We’ll arm we with certain effective knowledge inside this SEO-based post.

el free to employ full names throughout a post inside comparison to following the rigid rules which have been utilized inside journalism traditionally. The utilize of full names might grow the keyword density for the expression, that will subsequently heighten the page rank for which same phrase.

Try to not include any characters different than letters, numbers, plus underscores inside a URLs. Any different punctuation will confuse main look machines or alternative websites like social media, that will change the URL which has been connected to from what we desire it to be plus the page rank may end up not being improved.

Always employ the greatest inside standard internet hosting. If there is ever a time whenever the webpage is down; you are able to assume you’re losing traffic, buyers, plus profit each next. People like to see to manage a stable site which is reliable. Downtime results inside lost belief plus clients.

Utilize the keyword phrase a lot, throughout the site, however not too much. The keyword density is the ratio of the keyword to the text about a page. It is significant to have the keyword repeated. We never wish To repeat it too much, though. Keyword density ought to be about 3 to 7 %.

Almost each contemporary website relies about template coding like CSS. To optimize a page’s impact on look engine ranking, wise webmasters can keep CSS coding about a separate page off their content. Not just does this permit several pages to reference a single CSS file, however look machines may index content pages quicker whenever they are doing not include CSS info.

Ensure to have the homepage link about each page about website. This can aid the look engine spiders find where to point to about their look engine. Ensure which when you’re utilizing Flash or another form of menu to have a text adaptation of the link someplace about website.

If you plan about placing out a hit launch, make certain it’s because keyword optimized because the rest of the website is. Ensure to utilize anchor text plus hyperlinks to a url in the text because it can be re-posted elsewhere, improving the amount when incoming hyperlinks. Don’t bother adding it to a website like PRWeb except the hit launch is certainly newsworthy.

Knowledge is force, plus anybody to tell we otherwise refuses to learn anything. Search engine promoting demands several specialty abilities, a great deal of time, plus a lot of practice to ensure you are understanding each technique. The tips in this particular article are enough to receive we started, nevertheless you really need to not stop understanding regarding the topic.

Q&A: Is there a site where you might get Similar Movies? And absolutely be synonymous or at rent exact many occasions?

Question by Click-My-Pic-4-More: Is there a url where you might get Similar Movies? And certainly be synonymous or at rent exact many instances?
I have watched this way sometimes whenever searching for videos, yet it appears the videos provided because “similar” were just the new videos etc..

I’d like to look for example: Similar Movies plus results provided inside purchase of their reviews, etc..

Is this site available?

Best answer:

Answer by katie G
Netflix form of does this. We add a film plus then it suggests additional videos you might like based about which choice. I understand it’s not what you’re trying to find, however, it’s truly the only think I may think of synonymous to what we desire.

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what exactly is the number one site to stream videos to my droid x?

Question by Darth Mike 420: what exactly is the greatest webpage to stream films to my droid x?
I wish To be capable to observe films about my cellular phone, plus I have a verizon droid x, might we suggest certain superior websites for me?

Best answer:

Answer by Quinn Frye
does funmoviesite function? it does about my ps3 thus it may. we must try

What do we think? Answer below!

Is there a site where you are able to download films?

Question by brittany s: Is there a website where you are able to download videos?
My sister has a friend which told me he will upload videos plus download films which others have downloaded for free. are you aware what website this really is or anything regarding it?? THANKS!

Best answer:

Answer by Stonehead 204
HULU chosen to be capable to allow you to do this,but selection was limited & today I think they are inside the proccess of generating it a pay for service.!

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5 Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to The Site

5 Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to The Site

There are numerous techniques to improve a online company or webpage it may appear extreme. Some methods are more efficient than others. How have you figured out that ones might function. These five techniques are proven to create traffic to website and also generating money for we.

1. Offer a Freebie.

One thing which appeals to everyone is “free.” If
it is very free persons takes it. Consider all of the samples of cheese provided away at grocery shops. Do we wish a tiny part of cheese? Probably not! However we take it anyway because it happens to be free plus somebody is good
enough to provide it to we. This same principle applies with info or services available from a webpage. You are able to send free newsletters, free e-mail guides, or provide a free trial period. One common item being provided away today are free credit reports or free PC scans. These freebies are what you inside the advertising field like to call “teasers”. After running the free credit report or PC scan, the customer is alerted when anything unusual is found about their credit record or PC plus then presented with an provide to show them exactly what it is or repair the condition for a fee. This is an powerful method to
get info to a possible clients, create sales or generate traffic to website.

2. Offer Useful Information.

The url contains information regarding a service
or perhaps a product you are pretty knowledgeable regarding. You are able to generate traffic to website by composing articles inside the region of expertise plus having them published inside an ezine or an post
info site or directory. Submitting to directories is frequently free plus can be extremely efficient inside generating hyperlinks back to website. The best method to employ articles is to create them for free plus ask inside return which the publisher permit we to include a byline. A byline is a short summary of the writer plus their credentials together with their website. The byline is a technique
which visitors comes to learn we because an expert about a specific topic. This generates trust which website is a source of credible info.

3. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Programs.

Many look motors let a site to
buy ranking. This really is an good Internet
advertising technique because it is actually powerful plus
inexpensive. In the pay-per-click programs, a url is billed just for those whom really see the page. This really is a more powerful approach than banner advertisements that can be watched by millions however, just utilized with a limited. When utilizing the pay-per-click
programs we select keywords relative to website. Whenever those keywords are entered into the look website may appear. If the surfer chooses to see website, you may be then billed for which click. Many pay-per-click programs provide many
different advantages too, including up-to-date lists of
popular keywords plus monitoring.

4. Network with Other Internet Marketers.

Remember which there are numerous additional people available struggling to succeed inside this company also. You are able to choose to network with those whom
have synonymous advertising inspirations. Whenever networking, we share hyperlinks plus refer buyers to
every alternative. Consistently be pretty careful whenever
selecting a networking partner because everything which we suggest is a reflection of oneself or the product. So, be sure which a
networking partner is a reputable source of
info. Understand anything regarding the product or service provided by reading, hearing to, or by really utilizing the product.

5. Utilize Offline Sources of Advertising.

Just considering the webpage is online, doesn’t
indicate which all the advertising has to be. Advertise
inside papers, about TV or the radio. You are able to send a hit launch to receive a info to thousands of individuals all over the nation. Pass out flyers plus postcards inside a neighborhood. Utilize a creativeness to locate specific techniques of making the public understand regarding the product or service.

Utilize any or the above tips. These five tips can confirm a web advertising achievement whenever chosen consistently.

Please Suggest Me The Site to Watch Ramona plus Beezus Movie Internet ?

Question by preet: Please Suggest Me The Site to Watch Ramona plus Beezus Movie Internet ?
From where i may Watch Ramona plus Beezus Movie online ?

Best answer:

Answer by Skii Rodgers-cromartie
surfthechannel.com has a great deal of films. The ideal bet is to check there with regards out.

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